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Thinking Is Hard

I grow more and more frustrated with the apathy of our population. And this is exacerbated when I see bourbon-besotted bozos like John Boehner lying with impunity to the American public and putting party before the economic future of our country.


In these days of the explosion of craft beers, it becomes more and more important to determine what truly IS a beer. This is what the Australian government defines as beer (from the recently amended Excise Tariff Act 1921): Beer…

Arrested Development

Lately I’ve been giggling every time I use my vehicle. As my spouse has the furthest to travel – and thus has dibs on the most fuel efficient ride – “my” vehicle has become the standard suburban minivan. This, in and of itself, has not lead to my fits of self-induced hilarity. On the contrary, most often it produces worries that I am becoming Chevy Chase in Vacation

100 Pushups

My latest attempt at getting back on the fitness bandwagon began in typical Internet-segue fashion with the quest for a solution to a nagging software problem.

Brew gogs

You know the old adage about how they, “get better looking at closing time.”?  Turns out there’s a scientific reason for so-called “beer goggles”!  Alcohol apparently tends to affect your nucleus accumbens (oooh, now there’s a dirty word!), and causes…

A Call to Action

Some pithy words by georgia10 at dailykos.  A sampling: Democrats can either surrender this government to a party which seeks to destroy it, or we can take Lincoln’s advice and play our available cards.  To those who say filibusters–judicial, patriot…