Author: SavageDem

Thinking Is Hard

I grow more and more frustrated with the apathy of our population. And this is exacerbated when I see bourbon-besotted bozos like John Boehner lying with impunity to the American public and putting party before the economic future of our country.


In these days of the explosion of craft beers, it becomes more and more important to determine what truly IS a beer. This is what the Australian government defines as beer (from the recently amended Excise Tariff Act 1921): Beer…

There’s No “There” There

If you really consider yourself someone who examines the facts – and not just an ideologue – you need to read this from Paul Krugman. The Romney/Ryan plan makes no sense. There’s no “there” there. Their numbers come from thin…

Too Crooked to Fail

The always-wonderful Matt Taibbi writes yet another damning piece, this time on Bank of America. Prepare for your blood pressure to skyrocket. This bank is like the world’s worst-behaved teenager, taking your car and running over kittens and fire hydrants…

Lazy Single Black Drug-Using Welfare Queens Are Stealing Your Money

Single black moms have lots of kids with deadbeat dads who aren’t held accountable for child support by the government via DNA tracking and then take scads of government welfare money which raises our taxes and leads to having no impetus to ever get a job and not having any responsibility and using all that cash to buy drugs and liquor which leads to more crime but using birth control is bad because the Pope says so and immoral so we shouldn’t offer birth control and sex is only for procreation but since they are so lazy they sit around all day watching all those TV shows that advocate immorality and then have more babies and no work ethic.